The Best Alternatives To Kids Playing Football

Moms and Dads nowadays are having that big argument regarding having their kids play tackle football. Most Moms find football dangerous and don’t want to subject their kids to that kind of roughhousing if possible while Dads find football to be the most amazing sports ever and the epitome of masculinity. Though I agree that football is “the most amazing sports ever!” I also agree that football can be quite dangerous so I can’t fault most moms for wanting to protect their precious children from possible brain injuries and other negative impacts football might have on their young minds and bodies. If you’re looking for alternatives to your kids playing football and to put an end to that seemingly endless football argument, here’s a list of things you can do.


Fantasy Football

If you can’t play it in real life do it in the third dimension. If you don’t want your kids to get physically bashed and rammed and tackled in the football field, then you can let your kids get bashed and rammed and tackled on a 2D/3D football field. It may sound weird and lame, but the closest your kids can play football without injuring themselves and at the same time appeasing your spouse’s football mania is by playing games like Fantasy Football or Football Manager. Fantasy Football is an online game that allows players to create an imaginary team by selecting players in the NFL while Football Manager is a series of a football-management simulation game.


Flag Football

If you want a safer less physical football then flag football is the best choice for you. Unlike tackle football, contact is minimized, since players need to snatch a flag from their opponents instead of tackling them. Though flag football is not entirely risk-free its emphasis is placed on speed and skill not force so it’s considerably safer than tackle football. The basic rules are similar, but to get a “down” you only need to snatch your opponent’s flag.



Wait, what? Are you saying basketball is okay while football is not? Calm down. Football is amazing, but you can’t deny the fact that football is a very dangerous sport. In football, you have to grit your teeth and endure the pain even if you’re feeling dizzy from too much tackling and hitting while in basketball, not so much. If you want your kids to not play football but at the same time want them to play active sports (that still involves balls), then basketball is the way to go. It’s a globally renowned sport and has a huge fan base. To get your kids started on the sport, you can buy the best portable basketball goals for kids in the market or you can start by finding a review of the best in ground basketball hoops on the web.


Get Creative

There’s actually a plethora of activities your kids can do as an alternative to football. If you don’t want your kids to get physical, then you can have them learn musical instruments like guitar, violin, keyboard, and drums. Learning a musical instrument is a great activity that enhances a child’s brain development. You can also have your kids practice their talents in arts and crafts.

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