Are Nerve Treatments Becoming Mainstream?

Health issues on the nerves are a big problem. Peripheral neuropathy is a group of conditions that damage the peripheral nervous system. The nerves outside the brain and spinal cord as well as in the central nervous system are part of the peripheral nervous system. That includes sensory, autonomic and motor nerves. Check out neuropathy at

When pharmaceuticals and medical doctors do not help in treating nerve issues, patients seek other treatments, including those that are not mainstream. For instance, those trying to ease their headaches or low back pain and are tired of mainstream ways to alleviate those would seek other innovative treatments.

Many treatments still need enough trials prior to becoming mainstream. Clinicians and researchers are hopeful that in the future, they will extend the lives of patients. In the meantime, patients should tell their doctors before trying treatments other than what is prescribed to them. Regularly visit for updates.


Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine minimizes the use of drugs and surgery. It is the type that includes folk medicine, chiropractic, massage, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.  

Alternative medicine has a different approach that makes sense. For instance, when treating a patient with a kidney problem, this type of medicine focuses not only on the kidney but other needs of the body. Alternative practitioners would think the nerves feeding the kidney may need help, or the liver needs help. Hence, they do not tax the kidney and just allow it to work better on its own.

Alternative treatments for nerve pain which doctors scoffed in the past are now practiced in several pain centers or have become mainstream. There are a lot of these alternative treatments that help get rid of the pain from headaches, osteoarthritis, and bad backs. An example is an acupuncture. It was once seen as a bizarre treatment but has rapidly become popular for treating pain as studies found it effective for conditions like osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia as well as back injury and sports injury. No one is quite certain of how it works but it can release the chemicals in the body that are pain-numbing or block the pain signals that come from the nerves.

There are many alternative treatments, some are not as popular as the others. There are those which are not even effective. Do your research or refer to before even trying less popular treatments.


Ozone Therapy

One of the treatments which have worked better than other never pain treatments is ozone therapy. Medical ozone is a mix of ozone and oxygen for medical applications. Ozone therapy is easy to execute, non-invasive and succeeds in treating outpatient lumbar sciatic pain. It is becoming an affordable, safe and powerful alternative to surgery, especially in treating sciatica.

Medical ozone produces less major complications and has better results compared to other methods like percutaneous, conventional surgery, microsurgery, chemonucleolysis and automated discectomy. Medical ozone has become a better alternative to surgery in many cases.


Cell Transportation

Cell transportation therapy is for spinal cord injury. Macrophages are considered important in clearing cellular debris as well as secreting cytokines and growth factors which promote axonal growth. Macrophages abound after a nerve injury in the nervous system. Based on that, transporting autologous and activated macrophages has been considered a possible therapeutic modality.

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