Top Research Trends in Health and Medicine in 2017

With a new government and people with rapidly changing taste, plus advances in healthcare technology from companies like Hewlett-Packard and Siemens that thrive to continually provide better healthcare solutions, the health and medical industry endures to push toward more effective and convenient treatment and cures. Here are 8 research trends and ideas poised to propound and make buzz this year:

The Election’s effect

Having a newly elected president posed many questions as to the significant changes on healthcare policy. As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal continues to teeter, predictions have been made that Medicaid and Medicare programs will be revamped to downscale spending, give more control to the states and interpolate more private plans.

Digital health

For several years, web- and application-based programs have been set out for everyone to better manage diseases and have remote access to some healthcare services. 2017 is a year to have these digital technologies more actualized and accessible.

Online healthcare education

Studying online is a valuable option especially when it comes to continued education for healthcare professionals. It is cost-effective, conducive to all types of learners, easily accessible and it keeps healthcare professionals abreast of the latest treatments and diagnoses. Also, programs such as DNP and CRNA are rampant and highly endorsed as nurses can gain advanced skills and perform tasks doctors or anesthesiologists do on, of course, a lesser fee.

Healthy food and recipe videos

Food and recipe clips are insanely popular nowadays. You can find it on your Facebook timeline, Twitter and Instagram feeds and everywhere on YouTube. People watch these videos and share them at least a million times a day! These videos usually last for a minute and are incredibly appealing. Tasty, one of the leading channels, shares that it’s

not-so-secret technique is to shoot the video overhead and make sure that the flat laying of ingredients and dishes look as irresistible as it tastes. These overhead shots also make the viewers feel like they’re the ones cooking so it makes them very connected to the videos. From slow-cooked garlic chicken to lasagna poppers to cookies and cream cheesecake cookies, these videos will surely leave you wanting for more!

Cancer Care

The never ending efforts to find cure for cancer is continually making headlines. It is said that interest and investment for cancer care and immuno-oncology therapy will significantly increase in 2017.  Current efforts show that utilizing the immune system to fight cancer and bypass cancer cell defenses is becoming a reality. Also, liquid biopsy is now more accessible to patients worldwide.

Home healthcare

Home healthcare is becoming widespread. Not only is it convenient (as it provides a wide range of healthcare services from the comforts of your home) and less expensive (since it cuts institutional costs by at least 40%), it is also just as effective as the care you get from hospitals and facilities as such.

Eye Health

There have been great strides in many of the leading eye hospitals that are doing great things for those that are legally blind, suffering from age related eye issues and everything else in between.

3D printed drugs

3D printing has been extant for quite some time now and over 15 years, it has immersed into the healthcare industry creating dental implants and prosthetics. Today, it is said to expand on personalized pharmaceutical healthcare and chances on this materializing this year are high. What makes this innovation exciting is the possibility of a personalized drug dose which makes treatment effective and individualized.

Boxing classes

Gone are the days when boxing is deemed as a sport for men. Today, women all over the world take pleasure in taking boxing classes. Boxing gyms and facilities continue to rise and now, boxing is the new fitness trend. Boxing gloves even come in different colors now – from the classic black to the pretty pink ones!

Sexual Health

This is a topic that people don’t like to discuss but the stats are showing that more people than ever are walking around with various STDs and if left untreated can have negative health consequences and also possibly spread it to others. That’s why we recommend that you buy std tests online at stdaware, as they are the most trusted source out there for accurate and discrete STD testing today.


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